Tiempo Para Soñar

   Time to Dream.001 Just a few weeks ago some of the staff and I had the incredible opportunity to go to Phoenix First for the Dream Conference.  The main purpose of this was to get us dreaming and thinking about what God has next for us here at CLC.  Well, I must say it was an amazing conference that really energized the entire team to come back and do what God has called us to do here in Layton, UT and that’s to Love People… Love God and Serve Others.  You may be asking, “Why share this with us?”  The reason for this is because I believe it is time for us to dream as a church.  We are so blessed and through the ministries of CLC we have been able to see a great impact on our community, but I believe there is so much still ahead for us.  There were a few key messages I heard at the Dream Conference that I wanted to share, because I believe they are for our church today;

“Your worst enemy is your Comfort Zone”    – Tommy Barnett

    As the church (all of us) we are called to go out into the world and make disciples.  Many times that could be done through loving people in our immediate neighborhoods.  Unfortunately we often get too comfortable in our own lives and we forget what God has put us here to do and that is love God and love others.  Many times that will be outside our comfort zone.

“The wrestle (Jacob wrestling God) will make your dream realized.” – Charlotte Gambill

Often in life things don’t just happen the way we want them to and they don’t happen easily.  How many times have you went to work on your car, sprinklers or fix just about anything an it turns out to be much more difficult than expected.  God has big plans for you and that may mean you need to wrestle with some things in your life to get to see the dreams God has for you realized.

“When you are born you look like your parents, when you die you look like your decisions.” – Bishop Dale C. Bronner

We cannot let fear drive us and be afraid to do what God has called us to do.  To live out the dreams we know that God gave us will require risk and God will help us the whole way.  First we must make the decision to not only dream but to work to see the dreams God has given us become a reality.

We would not be where we are as a church body today without God giving dreams to people like our own Pastor Myke Crowder.  Then the next step was for our Pastor to step out in faith and move to see the dream realized today.  There is still so much ahead for us at CLC.  The Future is bright and God is in control so I say its time to dream.

                                                                           Pastor Rob George

Executive Pastor


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