Podemos Confiar en la Biblia?

Welcome to the new CLC website. We hope this blog will be helpful to you and increase your knowledge and relationship with God. You may find posts by all of the Pastors at CLC and possibly a guest post now and then! I would love to start this out with a great website that I love to share called www.reasonablefaith.org  founded by Dr. William Craig. Here is a great post to share with a friend or unsaved person who is seeking answers as to can we trust the Bible.

About the Author
Chris has worked at Christian Life Center for most of his life in everything from mowing the grass at 12 years old to worship pastor since about 20010. He has a Bachelors Degree in communications and a Masters Degree in Public and Non-Profit Administration. His interests are in the fields of Apologetics and understanding the reason why we have faith in the Bible and Jesus as our Savior.

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